I passed the eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester exam!

On my journey towards becoming a cyber security professional, I successfully reached a new milestone. I am happy to announce that after several months of studying I took the eCPPT exam and passed.

I would recommend the eLearnSecurity PTP course and respectively the eCPPT exam to anyone serious about getting into cyber security and penetration testing.

In a short amount of time I learned and practiced with web app vulnerabilities, buffer overflows, WiFi security, network security and much more.

eLearnSecurity managed to put together solid training material that goes hand in hand with some really fun to hack labs.

The exam itself is a real world engagement where you have a limited time to perform your tests and write a full report. I had fun while taking it but I’ll admit it was stressful.

Thanks again eLS for the opportunity and certification.

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